Spiritual Penury

by Unurnment

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José Carboneres
José Carboneres thumbnail
José Carboneres Excelente, bien producido death metal técnico. Espero que Fred no abandone este camino.🤘
Scvr3XCrxwS thumbnail
Scvr3XCrxwS great ep!

}{ KEEP IT BRUTAL }{ Favorite track: Inevitable Suffering.
tank_06 thumbnail
tank_06 Ohhh shiiit this EP goes hard!
Mr. Avila has created some friggin' damn fine metal of death for us.
Sic ass lyrics and a savagely addicting assault on the ear holes.
Is that a 'hereditary' sample on track 2? I am disturbed yo, but keep coming back for more. Cop this.
-Jeff Favorite track: Autogenous Punishment.
Niz thumbnail
Niz This EP is awesome, and exactly how I like my BDM. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next release. Favorite track: Inevitable Suffering.
buriedintheforest thumbnail
buriedintheforest I saw "brutal death metal" and wasn't sure...but I'm pleasantly surprised with the old school nastiness.
r2 thumbnail
r2 Really impressed- and at first surprised!- this is the work of one musician. I have been listening to this EP for the past few days or so, and I keep finding myself returning to it. The songwriting and performance are stellar. The production is perfect, with a very audible bass guitar and a mix that bows out of the loudness wars. If you dig 90s Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse, this will make you nostalgic.
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From the restless mind of metal/hardcore obsessive and Primal Rite guitarist Fred Avila comes UNURNMENT, a twisted new entry in the macrocosm of technical death metal...

UNURNMENT's debut EP, “Spiritual Penury” delivers pure punishment, combining early death metal's ferocity and catchiness with a calculated blasting barbarism firmly rooted in classic late 90s brutal death metal. Labyrinthine riffs and gut churning chromatic musicality conjure an overarching darkness while guttural vocals bark thoughtful terror filled lyrics outlining the fear of loss, living (and dying) in contrition, and the horrors of the human mind. 14 minutes of original and unsettling death metal.

FFO: Deeds Of Flesh, Severed Savior, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Defeated Sanity, Cenotaph (MX), Cenotaph (TR)

CD's can be purchased at maggotstomp.bandcamp.com & store.sevared.com
Cassette's are sold out


released February 26, 2019

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Fred Avila
in Sacramento, California from June 2018 to February 2019

Cover artwork/layout by Rizki Akber / Eye Dust
Logo by Antonio Jimenez / Brutal Disorder Logos


all rights reserved



Unurnment Sacramento, California

Technical Brutal Death Metal in the true California tradition.

Est. 2018

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Track Name: Autogenous Punishment
I’m lurking in shadows, I’m lingering
Observing, strengthening
Heavily forged and fortified by the flames

Empathy growing cold, the mind withers
I’m lurking in shadows, I’m waiting to
Inflict my suffering

Tormenting a weakened mind
Relishing the death of all your kind

I’m in your head, theres no escaping me
Your pain of mind is what created me
I’m in your head, there’s no escaping me
Your fear of life’s what’s shaping me

I am your fear of death
Your unrelenting grief
And in your final throes
The laughing that you hear is me

Sentience is murderous
In latter stages of mental drought
Draw up your weapon to let me out

Depressive din will do you in
Self taught psychopathology
Squeeze the trigger see splattered cranial debris

I’m dripping from your skull
Darkness consuming all

Self afflicted - Self inflicted - Punishment
Track Name: Inevitable Suffering
Mankind was bred to die
Impetuously ending life - Torn away
Imbued with crushing grief
Paralyzed in disbelief - Torn Away
By the loss of a loved one for no reason
Mourning dispossession of a life torn away

End of season
For no reason
Life destruction

Rivers of blood flow from your eyes
Decades of pain built up inside
You cry

Grasp the fact, we live to die - Torn away
There is no anticipation for the agony
To prepare you for a life of inevitable suffering
Track Name: An Eternity Of Regrets Deified
In the expanse of the cosmos
A worthless pile of flesh
Explorer in the unknown
Of the universe enmeshed

Traveling through darkness
Trapped in my mind
Transversing æons
Ascend the scrolls of endless time

Floating frozen body
A fate worse than death
Stuck in a phase between
Primordium and breath
Mind racing, heart fixed
Unconscious descent
Floating in a void
There is no fucking end

All I’ve ever seen flash right before my eyes
Everyone I’ve wronged comes back to watch me die
Relive an eternity of regrets deified

Relive eternity of regrets deified
Torturous display of acts i can not decry
My consciousness descends
Without end space time extends

Frozen bones, seeds are sown
A horror show, my sentence bestowed

All I’ve ever seen flash right before my eyes
Everyone I’ve wronged comes back to watch me die
All I’ve ever hurt torment me slowly while i
Relive an eternity of regrets deified

Relive eternity of regrets deified

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